Sink and Countertop Replacement Challenge at the FML

Calm Before the Plumbing Storm

Last night 15 apprentice plumbers attended TLC’s Sink and Countertop Installation Hands-on Class at the Freeport Memorial Library. During the pre-installation discussion, many of the students shared their growing knowledge about how their house works and growing confidence that they can make certain repairs themselves.

Sink and Countertop Installation Begins

Step 2, install all plumbing fixtures to the sink, don’t forget the Plumber’s Putty!!!!!

Step 3 Sink Installation To the Countertop

Step 4 Water and Drain Installation

Really getting into it, can’t have any leaks in my class!!!!!

Job Completed

Only kidding, that’s our sink!!!!!!

We all had a lot of fun and learned quite a bit. Please check the calendar for upcoming events. Brian

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