Brian’s To-Do List & Project Planner

Are your projects organized? Do you have a to-do list? Have you created a project planner?

Let’s talk about “Brian’s To-Do Lists”.    I am a visual learner and I find it most helpful to have a posted list of all the projects that I want to accomplish around my house, from preventative maintenance projects to items that have to be fixed right away to future endeavors that will take some planning, money,  and more time to accomplish. 

When developing my lists, I consider the following:

  • project objective
  • interior project
  • exterior project
  • length of time to complete the project
  • budget
  • priority of the project
  • time of year the project has to be accomplished
  • who is going to do the work? (hire labor, or subcontractor?)

My Barn “Shop” Remodel Project

barn project

My house was built in 1906 and it was the first house in the neighborhood, which at the time was a farming community.   The property size is 55’ X 175’.  Standing in the back of our property is (or) was the BARN, a real barn that was used to milk cows.

Well, it is now my three-story man cave.  The first floor is my woodworking shop, basement is for storage and upper floor is loaded with my prized fishing gear.  I decided it was time to do a little makeover, the woodworking shop needed some updating.

Project Planner

Project Objective-Update the Woodworking Area

  • more assembly area
  • better tool storage areas
  • more parts and material storage areas
  • install peg board above assembly areas for commonly used tools
  • upgrade lighting
  • relocate electrical outlets as required
  • install wall insulation
  • install new wall finishes
  • Budget $250
  • length of Project: 2 weeks
inside of barn before updating
original layout

Notice how far away the screw drivers are from the workbench. Very inefficient!

cluttered barn shop
No storage area for my various tool boxes and electric hand tools!
old work bench before updating workshop space
demo begins, what a mess

My original work bench that I built 26 years ago!

The Bay Window came from the house, the sewing room, as the previous owner described its location.

lack of shelving space
demo continues:
“note the new LED 8′ fixture”

The radial arm saw had to stay in place, on the long wall, because of the 8′ material that I sometimes cut.

lack of insulation
new insulation and ship lap wall covering

Easy to install, and perfect for my Barn.

cluttered space not organized
finding a new home for my Craftsman tool box
new workbench that is better organized
new layout

Easy access to screws, nuts, bolts, all hardware! Note the new location of the peg board with all the screw drivers and bit sets.

How do you like my new assembly desk? I used excess wooden flooring that I had laying around.

tools, screws, cabinets and shelving space in newly renovated workshop
new layout

Great storage shelving for my various tool boxes and electric hand tools.

newly organized space with speakers
How About Dad’s Pioneer Speakers?

These speakers are 50 years old

And how about my first Stereo system, a Dynaco Modular original. A few new parts and boy, it sounds great.

Yea I know, making the list seems a little tedious, but it helps me stay focused, organized and on schedule. And guys, it is sure a lot of fun to check off the items and the projects that you have completed.

You can create your own To Do List template or use our template:

To Do List and Project Planner.pdf

To-do-list and project planner image

I hope this Tip helps. 



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