How’s the A/C Running?

It has been a real hot summer and I am sure you guys are pushing your A/C units to the limit. Whether you have a window unit or central air, there are preventative measures you can take to keep your units humming along.

With all the rain, please make sure that there is no vegetation around your condensing units or window units. The plants will block the air flow. Remember, the hot air coming out of these units is the hot air that the Freon has absorbed from your home’s interior. The units has get rid of it.

Yea, this seems to be a bit better. Are your condensing/window units clear like mine?

The water you see dripping from the PVC pipe is the condensate, which is being created in the evaporator units in my attic? Are your units dripping outside somewhere, they should be???

The Air filters MUST be Changed Monthly. But, which type should we use???

Single surface air filter (A)
Pleated air filter (B)

Well, which filter is the most efficient, which filter will catch the most dust, A or B? Any thoughts, let me know what you think.

How About Your window Unit

When was the last time you cleaned the filter?

A clean filter

Do you see condensate water dripping outside, you should?

Do you have a space between the upper and lower window?

If so, hot air is entering your house and dollars are flowing out of your pocket.

Gap between the double hung windows

Solution- how about cutting a piece of Armaflex (cold water pipe insulation) in half and pressing it into the gap. It works!!!

Gap filled in with the split Armaflex pipe insulation

And one more thing, it’s about safety. Is the upper window above your window AC unit secure? If not, you could have an unwanted visitor for dinner some night. Check out the picture below.

The 90 degree angle screwed into the upper window prevents the lower window from being raised. I installed the 90 on both sides!

If you were not happy with the performance of your AC units this summer, I strongly suggest you attend my seminars on electricity, insulation, and air conditioning. Check the calendar for dates and location when they will be presented.

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