Are You Ready for the Winter?

ice on the marina
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Oceanside, New York

Growing up in Long Beach, I remember it was a very cold December Sunday, my Mom telling Dad that she saw a puddle of water next to the boiler. The puddle wasn’t too big, but it was there. My Dad did nothing about it, focusing more on the NY Giants game. Well, the next day the circulator pump stopped. We had no heat and hot water! Bad time of year for a break down. It took a week to get things back together. By the way, the Giants lost that day. Don’t wait to get your heating and hot water systems checked out now.

Heating and Hot Water Specialist

Has the specialist been to your home to check the systems?

Sprinkler System

sprinkler winterization
The winterization of the sprinkler system.

It is really important to have your system drained by a professional. An air compressor is attached to you system and over 100 pounds of air pressure is forced into the entire system. All stagnant water is pushed out through the spray heads. The evacuation of the water will prevent your underground pipes from freezing. Would you rather spend $60 now or $100’s in the spring when you turn the system back on?

broken sprinkler pipe
Not properly winterizing your sprinkler system can lead to broken pipes.

Hot air rises, that is how heat travels in our homes.

warm air rises, cool air sinks
This is how air travels and blocking it can reduce efficiency.

Does it make any sense to cover our sources of heat; radiators, convectors, or vents with furniture, carpets or drapes?

Looks great, not such a good idea!

How about getting all that hot air down from the ceiling to heat the lower space?

Every room in our house has a ceiling fan, and they all help distribute the heat.

How About Shoveling All that White Stuff

It is tough enough to shovel snow, but when the snow sticks to the shovel, it drives me crazy. Does this happen to you?

Deep in the snow, shoveling for hours because the snow gets stuck to the shovel.
Cooking spray on a shovel can help.

In addition to making sure the edge of the shovel is sharp and not bent from hitting curbs and edges of the sidewalks, I use a eco-friendly lubricant.

I hope these TIPS help. I am looking forward seeing you at one of our seminars/workshops soon. Check out our Calendar to find a class.

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