What A Special Couple of Nights

Every so often, Something Special Happens, something that tells you that your hard work and dedication is making a difference in the lives of others. This past week, at the Wall Repair and Interior/Exterior Paint Workshops, I started to feel confident that I am on the right path.

Something Special Happened

Wall repair workshop 2/19/2020
  • when your students listen to your instructions, pick up the materials and tools and go about the given task with a smiles on their faces, singing along with my musical playlist.

Something Special Happened

Extreme care taken at the work station.
  • when the work being produced was well thought out and accomplished in a professional manner.

Something Special Happened

A very special student, taking notes every step of the way.
  • when a young student with limited hands-on experience, came to my class showing her desire to learn DIY, taking notes every step of the way.

Something Special Happened

Mother and her son, at the wall repair workstation
  • when a mother and son teamed up, sharing a common interest in learning how to make repairs around their house.

Something Special Happened

Expressing joy in doing DIY for the first time
  • “growing up and living my life around others that fixed things, now it’s my turn, I am overjoyed!”

Something Special Happened

Something Special Happened

Very sorry looking walls that need TLC
Wall Repair Workshop 2/20/2020

When my exterior/interior painting students were challenged to make these bland walls into a work of art.

Something Special Happened

Absolute team work and concentration
  • When this group collaborated, worked together as a team, discussing patterns, methods of painting and selection of colors, while the teacher sat by watching and enjoying it all.

Something Special Happened

  • Critiquing their work.

Something Special Happened

I am Touched

At the end of the workshops, I received a standing applause, I was so touched. All my students thanked me for my efforts and expressed a desire to continue on with the TLC Home Improvement Course. Everybody, I mean everybody helped me clean the tools, pack up all the equipment and brought everything out to my truck.

The TLC Mission

Keep Repair Costs Down

You will learn how your house works, how the different systems interact, and how maintaining these systems will minimize costly future repairs.

Make Certain Repairs Yourself

With a better understanding of how your house works, you will gain the confidence that you can make certain repairs yourself.

Hire The Right Contractor

Having a better understanding of how the structural and mechanical systems of your house interact, you will gain the expertise and confidence to hire the right contractor when you cannot make the repairs yourself.

Come Join Us

TLC for Good Home Health is with you!

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