A Call For Help–

I was working in the Barn this afternoon when I received a text message from one of my students, Joy. “I am reaching out today to ask if you would recommend a plumber if, possible?

Knowing that we all must stay at home and have minimal contact with outsiders, I called Joy to see what was going on. She told me that she has a water leak in the basement and turned the house water off. Wow, what a bad time for this to happen.

I asked Joy if she could show me a picture of the leaky pipe; maybe there was something we could do together to get the house water back on.

Thank goodness what we had was a leak in the hot water feed to the washing machine, not the house!!!!!

So, just to do the teacher thing, I asked Joy to take us on a tour of her basement, hoping to locate the main water shutoff valve. And we did.

Back to the washing machine hot water feed problem; I asked Joy to make sure the gate valve was closed, then she opened up the ball valve. We had two leaks coming from the spigot.

leak #1 from the packing nut
leak #2 from the stuffing box

Ok, with these two nuts tightened, Joy opened up the ball valve, no leaks baby, we were almost home. Next step, turn on the faucet. Do you guys see how I am using the Scientific Method to figure this out. Remember this post?

leak #3 hose connection

So, Joy opened the faucet and much to our amazement, we had another leak. Water was dripping from the connection of the rubber feed hose to the spigot threads. Another repair to be made.

If you want to see the methodology Joy and I used to deduce and repair the 3 water leaks using FaceTime, see the video below.

Explaining why we had 3 leaks in one spigot

Thanks Brian

Joy’s TLC Confidence Scale

Joy, I am very proud of you. Together We Can Do This.. Brian S.