Stay At Home Project #1

Ok, you guys know me better, I am not just going to sit around all day and watch the news, trying to figure out where I am going to get my next roll of TP. I decided to get busy with the projects I have had on the back burner.

So, here is my challenge!

4′ Metro wire Rack shelving

– how to convert 4′ X 18″ Metro wire rack shelving into a seed starting garden?

LED plant light

-how to suspend and power (4) LED plant lights above the seedlings ?

I wanted to turn my upstairs landing into a greenhouse ( I got a funny look from Hope when I told her what I was about to do).

So, here are my thoughts:

  1. I had the metro shelving
  2. I had the lighting
  3. Had to come up with a way to suspend the lights over the shelving in a way that they could be adjustable, when the plants grow (I hope) I have to raise the lights.
  4. 4 lights, I needed electrical outlets.
  5. Needed a time clock to turn the light on and off. (have this)
  6. Plants require water, had to come up with a waterproof container placed on top of the Metro shelving to catch the water.

My challenge: “stay at home” using all the materials I have to make this project happen.

Electrical materials needed

Above are the electrical materials that I needed. I just didn’t want to use extension cords, unsafe.

prototype light hanging structure

I had the 1/2″ copper pipe for hanging the light fixtures. The biggest challenge was the wood, I needed 20′ of 1″X4″ pine for the structure. So, I took some old 1″x12″ shelving apart, ripped it on my table saw to the width I needed. Success!!!

metro shelving with 1″x4″lightning support and 1/2″ copper pipe from which the lights hang.

So here we are, the completed interior seed starting structure. I bolted the 1″x4″ wood supports to the Metro shelving.

surface mounted outlets installed

The electrical installation starts with mounting two surface mounted boxes.

Using all the techniques I taught you in the electrical class and workshop, I pulled all the wire to the two surface mounted boxes, (white wires, black wires, grounds) . I had an old 14 gauge extension cord that I used to connect the two outlets to the time clock/power source.

electrical completed

Power is done!!

Water drip pans for the plantings

Next challenge: eventually the plants had to be watered, I had to find a way to stop the water from messing up my wooden floor. First thought was to use the cover from a storage bin. It’s made of plastic, wouldn’t leak, great first thought. The only problem, it wasn’t flat, the plants, if I got any, would not sit straight under the lights. So, it was TLC time. Using whatever bits and pieces of wood I had, I built two trays. The waterproofing membrane I used was the 6 ml. heavy duty visqueen plastic that I showed you in class #4, your home’s insulation.

interior seed starting garden completed

Interior Seed Starting Structure is Completed

seeds covered with plastic wrap

Proud Plant Papa

After four days, success!!!!!

heritage tomatoes awakening
beefsteak tomatoes awakening
basil awakening

Together We Can Do This

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