DIY Tabletop Cell Phone Stand

I was talking to Billy this past week, you remember Billy from the “Royal Flush Episode? “

Cardboard box, what can I do with this?

“You know Brian, I have too much of this stuff. Instead of just putting it into the Blue Bucket, any ideas how I can use it around my house?

Time to get creative

Let’s Make A Cell Phone Stand

Here are the tools you are going to need. “some kind of knife to cut the cardboard.”

The material I used is plain old cardboard!

Shown are the four parts we will make.

schematic for back support

schematic for bottom support

Completed Cell Phone Stand

completed project

FYI, I did not show the hole for the charging cable, every phone is different. As you can see, the cutout I made for my phone is on the lip of the bottom support. There is a better view of the cutout on the parts picture above.

You did it, congrats!

TLC confidence level

Together We Can Do This