Stay At Home Project #3 “Pegboard in my kitchen, are you kidding?”

If you guys know me, you know that I love to cook. But in order to produce a good meal you really have to be organized with your ingredients, spices and cooking utensils, namely, your pots and pans.

this is our built-in wall oven with a pull out drawer underneath

So, where do you think we keep the pots and pans?

what a mess

You guessed it, in that beautiful, deep drawer, out of sight, out of mind. But when you have company and you want to put together an enjoyable meal, everything has to be pulled out the drawer. And as always, the pan you want is always on the bottom of the heap.

Think, Think, Think

In the barn project, I used pegboard to organized my tools, can I also do this in our kitchen? Maybe empty out that drawer by hanging up the pans on pegboard?

existing kitchen

So, above is the exiting kitchen, I needed to find a home for the pegboard, any ideas?

Well, you guessed it. The calendar on the right, is hung on the oven cabinet, what a great place to hang my pots and pans. All I had to do was sell the idea to Hope. So, at the Board Meeting, it was decided that the calendar must not be eliminated from the kitchen, it was to be relocated to the left side, installed on the cabinet that houses our refrigerator. Also, because the left side cabinet is narrower, it was decided to enlarge the cork board area, ( I happened to have another one in the basement). The Deal is done, now on to construction.

Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

I decided to install galvanized steel pegboard. The product I bought (4 panels) (Amazon Delivery) each measures 16″ X 32″. Some modification had to be made because the area to be covered measures 24″ X 64″.

The Project At A Glance

  1. remove existing cork board
  2. modify existing cork boards to fit the new space
  3. modify new pegboards to fit existing space
  4. install cork boards/install pegboards
  5. install hooks & peg hook locks
  6. install pots and pans

#1 pegboard removal, 4 screws, that was easy.

Cork Board Modifications

#2 cork board modifications

Pegboard Modifications

How to Rivet

how to rivet

#3 modify new pegboards to fit existing space

Install cork boards/install pegboards

cork board installed to the left & pegboard installed to the right. The President of the Board was cleaning up my mess!!!

#4 installation of cork boards & pegboards completed

Install hooks, peg hook locks

#5 install hooks & peg hook locks

Install pots and pans

#6 install pots and pans

Together We Can Do This

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