My Great Maine Adventure Chapter One

“How I spent My Vacation Rebuilding Mum’s Home”

You remember Liliane, my 96-year-old mother-in-law who helped me build the peg board pot rack. Well, Liliane owns a beautiful Post and Beam home, waterfront property, right on Moosehead Lake in Maine.  

Liliane Lovejoy 96 years old and doing great!

Her home needed a little TLC, so, guess what came next? One morning at breakfast, Lil asked if I would not mind driving up to her home to see what kind of shape it was in.  I could not refuse, hence started my Maine Adventure.

Chapter One “OMG”!

Lil’s home is 500 miles from my doorstep.  In my younger days, I was able to make the drive in 10 hours straight, not anymore.  I decided to spend the night in Augusta, Maine’s Capital.  At daybreak I was back on the road.

Moosehead Lake- Greenville Maine

I arrived in Greenville Maine around 6:00 AM, beautiful right?   Stopped for a quick cup of coffee and then headed out to the house.

The Path Leading to Lil’s House

Route to Lil’s house

From Greenville, you travel 10 miles on Lily Bay Road, which is paved and in good shape, mainly for the logging trucks.  And then the fun begins.  You make a left onto Casey’s Road.  Casey’s Road is all dirt and gravel, hill up, hill down and then there is the infamous “S” curve.  There is barely enough room for two cars to pass and you must watch out for logging trucks!  You carefully drive 5 miles on this road before arriving at the “Lovejoy Camp”.

The neighborhood

OMG #1

I am three houses away from Liliane’s and of course, there is a downed Birch Tree blocking the road.  

Downed Birch Tree Blocking the Road

I had a feeling this could happen so I packed my handsaw in the truck, always good to be prepared, right?

OMG #2

It took a little while, but I managed to clear the road for me and our neighbors. Back into my faithful Tundra on my way to Liliane’s house.  I arrived at Lil’s house, made a right turn, look at what I found.  

Downed Birch Tree on top of a 1000 gallon propane tank

What you see is a downed Birch Tree on top of a thousand-gallon Propane Tank, which was full!!!

I turned off my truck’s engine, called the police who told me to run away from there immediately!

to be continued……………