My Great Maine Adventure Chapter Four “Kerb Appeal”

The stakes just got higher, and the family was raising the ante. Prior to our departure the decision was made to put the house and property on the market. Not only did we have to make essential repairs, we had to put the house into pristine appearance, focusing on the kerb appeal. So when an interested party drives or snowmobiles up to view the property, it had to look spectacular. No problem, right?

And, you thought we were going to find this?

I gave it my best

When I arrived in June this is what I saw. I did not know grass could grow that high. Being the good son-in-law, I took out the old lawnmower, started it up, and spent a couple of hours achieving very little. It was really hard work, pushing and pulling, and continually cleaning the jammed blade on the machine really wore me out. It was time for a beer or a six pack; I called it a day, or maybe a week!

I tried using a lawnmower, but that didn’t work!

The challenges ahead. It was time to call in the troops.

Help is on the way

By far, the hardest working person I have ever had the privilege to work with, Jennifer, working by herself, started the day at 7:30 am and kept going until it was beer time, whenever that was. Look what she accomplished in two days!

The house was in danger
Charlie to the rescue

The Adventure Continues Chapter Five- “Worker’s Paradise”

Present conditions of the work shed/shop

How am I going to set up a shop? We had so many projects requiring so many different tools; what am I going to do?