My Great Maine Adventure Chapter Nine “Face Lift”

Beautiful, right!

I could’t believe it, just a few years ago Hope and I spent two weeks taking care of the exterior of Liliane’s house. We pressure washed, repaired damaged trim, painted, and did everything that needed to be done to protect this beautiful Post and Beam house from the severe Maine elements.

Look what has happened in a few short years!

Time to Pressure Wash

What is Pressure Washing? Pressure washing is the use of a high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, and concrete surfaces.

Components of My Pressure Washing System

Water, Water, Water

Water is the primary component in the pressure washing process. We did not have running water, but we had a big, very big lake. Our next valuable piece of equipment was the purchase of a Generac brand gas powered water pump.

We placed the pump on the lake shoreline and tied the green feeder pipe to a rock, two feet under the water. From the pump we ran 75 feet of 5/8″ garden hose to TWO pressure washers. This little Generac pump was amazing. For 12 hours straight it provided an unbelievable amount of water.

Big Lake Concierge & Property To the Rescue

Dean & Dave were terrific. Another great company came to our rescue. They had a never quit attitude and were committed to getting the pressure washing accomplished in one day, and they did. They returned a week later to paint the green skirt. Thanks, guys.

This is how it’s done

Face Lift Completed

The Adventure Continues Chapter 10 “A Stairway to Heaven”

Well, another challenge