My DIY Battle With Termite Damage-Chapter 1

Look What I Found!

Termites ate so much wood, that the floor joist is no longer being supported by the foundation wall

Why did I not see this 35 years ago?

When you buy a house, a mandatory part of the mortgage application is a termite inspection, which we had done. Results of the termite inspection, “your house does not have active termites”. As an added precaution, we did purchase a termite inspection/bait station contract with a reputable company and still have it. This old damage was HIDDEN from view!

So, how did I find this damaged floor joist?

I decided to replace our basement’s ceiling insulation with one that has greater “R” value. You can learn more about insulation by attending our Insulation Class.

When I removed the old insulation, this what I found!

Cracks in the floor joist beam
Termite Damage
Termite Damage

This is not active termite infestation

I bet you are wondering what is above this broken floor joist. Exactly, what it is supporting???

Our lovely kitchen, being supporting by this damaged floor joist (beam)

Chapter 2- Time To Do A little Planning