A Student Takes The DIY Challenge

Drywall Repair Workshop

Every so often, one of my students takes the DIY Challenge; calls me for advise, and shares their experience with me. It is so rewarding, as your Home Improvement Teacher, to see that I am making a difference in the lives of my students!

THE STORY (Via TEXT Message)


“Hi Brian, this is one of your students from your home improvement lectures. I am currently repairing some drywall from when I had my lights (high hats) put in. Problem I am running into is matching texture. Only on 2nd coat, 3rd coat will be the texture coat. I tried a 3/16″ notched trowel, but the notches are way too small. Do you think a coarse roller would be better?”

Patch witout texture


“I am not sure. I have very little experience applying texture to surfaces. I suggest you take this picture to an Aboffs paint store, maybe they can advise you. The repair looks really good!”


“A little plastic trowel wrapped in a plastic bag. With compound wet just pressing up and pulling away.”

Texture application


“Aboffs said this was an old technique and they no longer sold anything that would do it. The painter there, suggested a plastic bag, also, saw it online in a bunch of videos.”

Completed repair


“Pretty cool DIY, you made me a proud teacher. Thanks.”


“Thank u”.

Home Improvement with TLC Confidence Scale Ranking

5 out of 6, not too bad

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