The Challenging Brick Step Repair Project- Chapter 1, “The Great Fall”

It’s a typical Monday night, BBQ chicken for dinner, finishing up some projects around the house, waiting for Hope to get home from work. Hope works late Monday nights, gets home around 9:30PM. Well, its past 9:30, so I am getting a little concerned, and then I hear, “Brian help me, I fell off the front steps”! OMG, she did.

Got Hope into the house, she had a huge bump on the back of her head, next stop.

Mount Sinai Emergency Room

The staff at the hospital were terrific, they took great care of Hope. After a few tests and consultations, we were able to return home with a giant ice bag on the back of her head.

So, What Happened?

Hope took off from work the next day, better safe than sorry. I had to piece together what caused her fall. It did not rain that night, no snow, no ice, no frost, no nothing. I took the handle of a broom stick and started pounding the brick steps where she fell. The pounding made a hollow sound, I think I found the problem!!

I cannot Believe It!

This is what the brick steps looked like when they were installed years ago.

New brick steps
Railings being installed on new brick steps

Step Maintenance

Every two years I power washed the steps and added binding sand as required.

So, just when you think everything is ok with your front steps, Look What I Found!

This is where Hope fell

Chapter 2 “OMG, all the brick bullnose steps were loose!”