Building a Greenhouse Shelter

Side view of plant covering system

Unquestionably, in every class I express my love and determination to maintain what I have worked so hard to renovate and build. This thoughtfulness also includes all the living things…

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Repairs in accordance with building codes is a matter of safety!

warning sign image

In every class, I teach my students the importance of their localities building codes and how important it is that their home repairs are made in accordance with building codes, because it is a matter of their home’s safety. If they are not sure if a repair was made properly, want to plan future projects and advice on DIY projects, I always offer a Home Examination.

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Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week By Brian Schnee

A few years ago, I attended a Commercial Construction Certification Seminar in Philadelphia. At 3AM my hotel phone started ringing. Hope was on the other end, it seems that the…

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Learn About Home Improvement Workshop

Just to let you know, Nassau Community College holds a special place in my life. It was a stepping stone for me, my kids, and many other students. It is…

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A Call For Help–

A Call For Help by Brian Schnee

I was working in the Barn this afternoon when I received a text message from one of my students, Joy. “I am reaching out today to ask if you would…

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