Learn About Home Systems From a Licensed Inspector

Brian Schnee, owner of KL Home Inspection Services has developed a home improvement course “ TLC for Good Home Health” to help you understand more about your home. As a teacher, licensed home inspector and with over twenty years in the commercial construction industry, Brian offers this information to you in order to help you become a more educated homeowner who is capable of performing some of your own home repairs as well as being able to confidently hire the right professional when one is needed.

The classes and workshops have been held at many venues on Long Island.

There are 8 classes and 6 workshops.  The eight classes teach the students how their home works while the 6  DIY Hands-On Workshops  reinforce what they have learned in the specific class.

With a target audience of every home seller, homeowner and/or potential homeowner, Brian builds his seminars to address real issues in the homes of his audience. His goal with each seminar is to help students become familiar with the various systems of their home, give them the confidence to make some repairs on their own, and to ensure they can hire the right professional for repairs that are more than they can handle on their own.

TLC Home Improvement Course Objectives

TLC for Good Home Health is  an interactive home improvement course consisting  of 8 Classes and 5 Workshops designed to inspire all homeowners to:

  • Keep home repair costs down.
  • Make certain repairs at a high level of confidence.
  • Hire the right contractor when they cannot make the repairs themselves.

Do you have:

  • water in your crawl space or basement?
  • cracks in your foundation walls?
  • sidewalks or paved surfaces in disrepair?

This Class will explore why these can occur and provide information on how to make repairs. Replacement materials will be presented. Preventative measures will be discussed.

Are you experiencing:

  • sagging ceilings?
  • unleveled floors
  • roof leaks
  • chimney leaks
  • roof issues
  • window or door problems

This Class will investigate why these issues occur and suggest possible repairs. We will also suggest replacement materials for all your home's exterior components. Preventative measures will be discussed.

Have you noticed:

  • doors are not closing without a bang?
  • cracks in your ceilings or walls?
  • your wooden floors in disrepair?
  • rotten boards on your decking

This Class will review the causes of these issues and discuss how to make the repairs. We will also present replacement materials for your home's exterior components. Preventative measures will be discussed.

Is your home adequately insulated?

  • are your walls cold to the touch?
  • do you feel drafts
  • where is the greatest loss of heat in your home?

This Class will discuss where the greatest heat loss in your home is and the benefits of insulating your home. We will also demonstrate how to install insulation properly.

Is your electrical service providing enough power to your home?

  • Do your lights dim when the refrigerator or A/C unit goes on?
  • Are your kitchen and bathroom outlets protected with GFI outlets?
  • Do your wall light switches feel loose? Do they work?
  • Where should I install smoke/co detectors?

This Class teaches us how important an understanding of the the electrical system in our house is and how important it is to have it maintained.

You are washing the dishes and you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drain. The water does not seem to be draining as fast as usual. Has this ever happened to you? Is there a problem with a clogged drain or your home's venting system?

This Class discusses your home's water supply and sanitary waste systems and all its components. Preventative measures to help maintain our home's plumbing system will be discussed

  • For some reason, my boiler never shuts down and the house is very cold. Have you ever experienced this?
  • Why is it that one radiator is cold and all the others are hot?
  • Do I have to have my chimney lined?

This Class discusses types of heating systems, the benefits and disadvantages of different heating fuels, and suggests different heating units to economically heat your domestic hot water.

  • Well, my air conditioning is running, but the house is not getting cooled off.
  • I need to replace my window unit, what information do I need to properly size the unit?
  • I want to put central air conditioning in my house, but I do not want to install ductwork, what can I do?
  • How often should I replace the filter?

This Class  will discuss the components that make up our air conditioning units, how they work, and how to maintain them properly.

KL Home Inspection Services brings a caring attitude to home buyers, you can contact Brian 24/7 365 if you have a home repair issue that you cannot resolve.

Brian will gladly give his Home Improvement Course to any group who would like to schedule him such as VFW, adult education programs, college groups and others. Nowhere else are you going to get a home inspection company that can offer you so much education.
Contact Brian Schnee of KL Home Inspections Services to find out his class schedule or to have him come out and work with your group by calling (516) 458-4676 or emailing him at brian@klhinspection.com.

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