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Brian Schnee, Your Home Improvement Instructor


Brian showing a student how to cut weather strippingBrian Schnee is the owner and managing operator of KL Home Inspection Services. Brian brings extensive construction experience to the areas of home and commercial property inspections. This experience has extended to over twenty years in the commercial field, directing the redesign and new construction of a multitude of multimillion-dollar commercial properties in the New York and New Jersey areas. Along with this experience, Brian is a licensed and bonded home inspector, holds inspection certificates in other real estate fields, offering an extensive knowledge and service to the residential sector. Brian is also a licensed highly-effected rated New York City Science School Teacher.

KL Home Inspection Services offers a vastly different approach to home owners, sellers, buyers; to give clients a level of education about a home that they have never experienced before.


  • Certified Thermographer
  • Home Inspection License
  • Mold Assessor
  • NY City Licensed School Teacher


  • Long Island Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

Home Improvement Classes

Brian offers a home improvement course consisting of 8 classes and 2 workshops. The objective of these classes is to educate homeowners and home buyers regarding the different systems in their home. This service gives clients the confidence they need to keep costs down, be able to perform some repairs on their own and help to ensure the right professional is hired, when one is needed.

Home Improvement Classes via Zoom Meetings

Join Brian from TLC live from his workshop studio and register for 8 classes and 5 workshops that will help you:

  • Keep repair costs down
  • Make certain repairs yourself
  • Hire the right contractor

Home Examinations

Before hiring any labor or subcontractor, it is important to know what the scope of work is of each project in order to have better control over the outcome and costs. We can help you with this by performing a Home Examination.

  • What do you do when you want to remodel your home? Do you call a contractor or an architect?
  • What do you do when you have a home repair, and you do not know what to do or what tradesman to call?
  • What do you do when the repair was done, but the problem still exists.

Together, we will do a walkthrough of your home (interior and exterior), develop your to-do list, addressing your concerns. At the end of the walkthrough you’ll be able to breakdown your project by trade and we will help you with writing down the required scope of work for each trade so that you have a keen understanding of what needs to be done, as a result of your home examination you’ll be able to control the costs and quality of work. You have now become a General Contractor. Read more on how a Home Examination helped a customer.

KL Home Inspection Services brings a caring attitude to home buyers, you can contact Brian 24/7 365 if you have a home repair issue that you cannot resolve.

With the home improvement course, a caring attitude, and even assistance with remodeling and planning for construction hiring (home examination), KL Home Inspection Services will be the best decision you ever make for your home. Give us a call today at (516-458-4676) or contact KL Home Inspection Services by email at brian@klhinspection.com


"What Did I learn from today's class?"

"I should have had a French Drain installed when I bought the house. Water in my basement has always been a problem."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned how important it is to divert water away from my home’s foundation. This will prevent leakage into my finished basement."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I now know what to look for when I have my roof and my home’s exterior replaced."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"Sagging doors and doors that are hard to close are likely caused by loose hinges."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned in today’s class that if the tiles in my basement are 9” X 9“, they probably are asbestos, and I should not remove them myself."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"In today’s seminar on insulation, I learned the importance of having a vapor barrier on the dirt floor in my crawl space."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"We learned how to wire an outlet, switch, and a lightbulb'".  Thx Brian."

J & J


What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned that a high-water table causes hydrostatic pressure which can cause a house’s foundation to crack leading to flooding."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned the difference between felt paper and house wrap and the importance of each to the structure of my home."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned why the floor in my upstairs bedroom squeaks and how to repair it.  It has been driving me crazy, thank you."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I need to install 5/8” Type X gypsum board over the boiler safety issue"



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned that the insulation paper should face the heating side of the house."



What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned what the “R” value means and how to install insulation properly."


Student completing DIY project - changing light fixture

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned the importance of the placement of my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and why these safety devices should be interconnected."