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Home Improvement with TLC offers interactive/hands on home improvement classes designed to inspire all homeowners to stay in their homes, enjoy making repairs themselves, and smile, when they save money.

There are 8 classes and 8 workshops.  The eight classes teach the students how their home works while the 8 DIY Hands-On Workshops reinforce what they have learned in the specific class.

With a target audience of every home seller, homeowner and/or potential homeowner, Brian's classes address real issues in the homes of his audience. His goal with each class is to help students become familiar with the various systems of their home, keep repair costs down, give them the confidence to make certain repairs on their own, and to ensure they can hire the right contractor for repairs that are more than they can handle on their own.

A man measuring a pipe in a house.
A man and a woman working on a ladder.

Most customers tend to just use an inspector before they buy or sell their home, but did you know your home is always in need of observation? We believe the missing component to the well-being of your home is the continued maintenance and support of your home. Many home owners, don't get an inspection in the "in-between" moments of buying or selling their home. As you live in it, you should learn more about your home's systems and how to maintain them, but this is hard for some home owners and therefore will need some help.

As New York State Licensed home inspector, KL Home Inspection Services can help you understand the present condition of your home and together, we can inspect your home to help you keep repair costs down, make certain repairs yourself and if needed, hire the right contractor.