Why Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping: The Moment You’re In Class Learning About Electrical Circuits and You Come to A Realization

A diagram showing the different types of wires.

At the end of my classes I give out an Exit Card, which helps me get feedback from the students about what they have learned in the class. A student wrote the following, “Microwave needs higher amp circuit…” Now although that is true, you can’t just go replacing the circuit breaker with a higher amperage, without considering the gauge of the wire.

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Chapter 3 “Why”

A brick retaining wall is being built in front of a house.

So, why did 235 bullnose bricks come loose? The process of building our 4 tier steps involved the use of cinder blocks, to create each step. The holes in the…

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The DIY Challenge

The DIY Challenge Template for a Website

Sara – Her Electrical Problem Hi Brian! I took your class at the Lindenhurst library for electrical. Yesterday morning we woke up at like 8:30am and half the power was…

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