A Periodic Home Inspection with the Home Inspector – Spring Time Checks

I love the month of March, it is my favorite month because it signals the end of winter. This is the month where winter’s northerly winds start coming from the South, picking up heat from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean.  I remember standing in front of the house on Pacific Blvd. in Long Beach, eyes closed, smelling the beautiful aroma of the ocean’s salt.

Now, as a homeowner, March means getting ready to repair the damage that “Old Man Winter” thrust upon our homes.  Together, let’s do a little home inspection, starting from the top, working our way down.

The Roof

this roof is in disrepair

The structural part of our house that takes the most abuse from the elements.

  • Do you any of the roof shingles missing?
  • What is the condition of the leaders and gutters? Are they still connected?
  • Are the gutters pulling off the facia board?

The Exterior Covering

Whether you have brick, cedar shakes, vinyl, aluminum or Hardie Planks, remember, our homes siding is one of the first lines of defense against the elements. It makes sense to do a thorough examination. Look for:

  • Missing pieces of siding.
  • Broken pieces of siding.
  • Loose pieces siding.

Window and Door Trim – is there any TLC needed?

window sill in very poor condition
  • Do you see peeling paint?
  • Is there rotting or missing trim?
  • What kind of trim should I use?

Do You Notice Any Cracks in Your Foundation? Does Your Brick Foundation Mortar Joints Need to Be Repointed?

brick foundation in disrepair

How’s the Sidewalk

You cannot patch them, you cannot ignore them, theses cracks will just get worse. FYI, when replacing sidewalks, aprons, and curbs, your contractor must apply for a permit from your municipality.

Asphalt Driveway

asphalt that has lost its oils crack.

As you know, the oils in asphalt, over time, will dry up and the asphalt surface will crack. We discuss all the above issues and more at “Your Home’s Exterior Class”

Electrical – if you have any concerns here, it is advised that you contact a licensed electrician!

meter pans look ok, how about the pull box?

I hope these few tips will help motivate you and give you some direction in getting your home improvements accomplished. – Brian

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