How a Licensed Home Inspector Can Help You

Inspection For All Your Home's Needs

Most customers tend to just use an inspector before they buy or sell their home, but did you know your home is always in need of observation? We believe the missing component to the well-being of your home is the continued maintenance and support of your home. Many home owners, don't get an inspection in the "in-between" moments of buying or selling their home. As you live in it, you should learn more about your home's systems and how to maintain them, but this is hard for some home owners and therefore will need some help.

As New York State Licensed home inspector, KL Home Inspection Services can help you understand the present condition of your home and together we can inspect your home to help you keep repair costs down, make certain repairs yourself and if needed, hire the right contractor.

Before You Buy

Any one of us who has lived in a small apartment has dreamed the dream of buying a home. For some, this day comes sooner rather than later, but when it’s time, we often don’t show the patience needed to purchase the right home.

While many potential homeowners can easily find great schools or an infrastructure to the area that will suit their needs, the inner workings of a home is a major part of the purchasing process. Before you buy a home  you should educate yourself and learn more about the systems that comprise a house.

Brian teaches a home improvement course consisting of 8-classes and 4-workshops as part of the "Home Improvement with TLC” brand that educates potential homeowners. These classes are designed to teach potential home owners about the different systems that make up a home. Register today by going "Find a Class" on the main menu.

The caring and extensive service offered by the team at KL Home Inspection Services helps you avoid the pitfalls of buying a home in need of repairs that have gone unseen. Contact KL Home Inspection Services today and let them evaluate the home you are considering purchasing. Phone: (516) 458-4676 or email:

As You Live In Your Home

"Periodic Home Inspection"

You bought your beautiful new home, some time has passed and the condition of your home has changed. It's good practice to get a new inspection, but this is rarely done and before you know it problems around your home arise. Whether that's a leaky roof, an electrical issue, or a plumbing disaster, you just weren't prepared.

We believe that continually observing your home's condition is paramount to keeping your home safe. With a Periodic Home Inspection, we inspect your house together and provide you with the knowledge of how your home's systems work and how to maintain them. When the repairs are beyond the scope of your abilities we help you learn how to hire the right contractor so that you can properly lead the work and know what's going on during any project you may seek to do.


Before You Sell

You’ve decided its time to move to a new home and you want to sell the home you are in. It would be very disheartening to agree to a selling price with a potential buyer, only to have the deal fall through because the buyer’s home inspector observed and reported on several repairs to the home that should be addressed.

KL Home Inspection Services helps you avoid this problem. Brian Schnee, licensed home inspector, with over twenty years in the commercial construction industry, will help you learn to look at your home not only as the owner, but also as a potential buyer. KL Home Inspection Services uncovers issues that could potentially affect the asking price or even prevent the sale altogether.

Let KL Home Inspection Services take a look at your home prior to putting the home up for sale. You will gain confidence in the price you are asking because you know all your home’s systems work properly, preventing a potential buyer from asking for a discount or repair(s) to be done. You can contact KL Home Inspection Services at (516) 458-4676 or by email at