Setting the Bar High TO HELP OUR COMMUNITY

We know how important your home is to you and we know how much you want to take good care of it. This program will assist you in maintaining your largest asset and retain its value.

A smiling young man in a plaid shirt.

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Brian Schnee and the “TLC For Good Home Health” Program he successfully developed. Brian has been an absolute joy to work with. His Program is filled each session with happy patrons that exclaim and write letters of “praise” for a quality program that has given them solid information and ideas that work. 

A woman is painting a wall in a room.

“I recently attended “TLC For Good Home Health" given by Mr. Brian Schnee. I truly believe this program is vitally important and it personally made me aware of how various systems in the house function, of issues I had unknowingly neglected in the care and safety of my home, as well as of strategies for interviewing repairmen re. work in my house.

Two people are standing together, front view

“We are one of your longtime library patrons and  have been going to a program “TLC For Good Home Health” by Brian Schnee at another library. We would like to highly recommend that this program be considered to be offered at our library.  He is patient, knowledgeable, and very well prepared.”

A young woman in a white t - shirt smiling in a field.

“Thank you sincerely for your help with my Southold boiler and fuel tank. Both are now in my Southold basement.”

A person is standing Front of a white and red background

Hey Brian, great class tonight, I learned so much about wall prep and painting techniques. Looking forward to the next session.

A man standing in front of a group of white cabinets.

Brian, thank you so much for the “Tips” you send out every month. Your suggestion gave attaching our soaker hose to the sprinkler system was terrific. A much better way to water out trees. Thank you very much.

A man and woman standing next to a table in a room.

Dear Brian

I am ever so thankful to you for providing us with new and necessary knowledge about my house!! I feel empowered with a better understanding on how to maintain my home!

A team of individuals carrying out a sink replacement in a room.

"What Did I learn from today's class?"

"I should have had a French Drain installed when I bought the house. Water in my basement has always been a problem."


Young woman in sunglasses and jeans posing against pink wall.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned how important it is to divert water away from my home’s foundation. This will prevent leakage into my finished basement."


A woman with curly hair smiling.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I now know what to look for when I have my roof and my home’s exterior replaced."


A man sitting at a desk in front of a chalkboard.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"Sagging doors and doors that are hard to close are likely caused by loose hinges."


A woman with curly hair smiling in a city.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned in today’s class that if the tiles in my basement are 9” X 9“, they probably are asbestos, and I should not remove them myself."


A smiling woman in glasses standing in an office.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"In today’s seminar on insulation, I learned the importance of having a vapor barrier on the dirt floor in my crawl space."


A group of people working on a wooden frame.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"We learned how to wire an outlet, switch, and a lightbulb'".  Thx Brian."

J & J

A woman is sitting at a desk with a laptop.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned that a high-water table causes hydrostatic pressure which can cause a house’s foundation to crack leading to flooding."


A young black man in a blue t - shirt standing against a gray wall.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned the difference between felt paper and house wrap and the importance of each to the structure of my home."


A smiling businessman standing in an office.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned why the floor in my upstairs bedroom squeaks and how to repair it.  It has been driving me crazy, thank you."


A woman wearing sunglasses leaning against a wall.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I need to install 5/8” Type X gypsum board over the boiler safety issue"


A man in a suit and tie sitting at a table.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned that the insulation paper should face the heating side of the house."


A young woman holding a cup of coffee while walking down the street.

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned what the “R” value means and how to install insulation properly."


Student completing DIY project - changing light fixture

What Did I learn from today's class?

"I learned the importance of the placement of my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and why these safety devices should be interconnected."