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Your Home’s Air Conditioning And Ventilation Systems Class @ the Hicksville Public Library

June 8 @ 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Brian Schnee from KL Home Inspection Services presents this home improvement class at the Hicksville Public Library

No matter what system you have installed in your home, A/C and Ventilation Systems all require TLC. Learn how they work and how to maintain them so good performance and efficiency can be maintained.

Topics Of Discussion:

  • components of an air conditioning system
  • types of systems
  • proper installation
  • sizing of new units
  • refrigeration cycle (how your home is cooled)
  • buying a new A/C unit
  • maintenance
  • bathroom ventilation


  • PowerPoint presentation at the library
  • hands-on display of discussed products

Student Participation:

  • interactive questions
  • interactive suggestions
  • student submitted pictures for class discussion and recommendations