My Great Maine Adventure Chapter Eight “Really X 2”

We have to be proactive in taking care of our homes. As we saw in chapter six, this did not happen; we had to rebuild the rear staircase and landing. The FORMULA = (no power washing + no treatment of the cedar materials = another project for Brian and Pamela! )

Step by step, I took the two stair cases and landing apart. On this side of the house I was lucky, the footing supports were in good condition. All I had to do was rebuild.


Notice the rot on the 4″X 4″ support beams

We were able to reuse the existing balusters, we just had to be careful taking them apart.

The Steps To Reconstruction

First, we had to rebuild the landing, as this would establish the right height for the the new pre-made stringers. NOTICE that the 4″X 4″ supports are attached to the structure with galvanized carriage bolts!

New Landing

Second, install and attach the new stringers. I used galvanized lag bolts to attach the stringers to the landing structure.

Making Progress

Making progress

Project Completed

Side stairs & landing completed

The Adventure Continues Chapter 9 “Face Lift”

Time to give Lil’s house a facelift, removing algae and mold stains from the clapboard siding and skir