Home Improvement Classes

Learn how we can help you: 1. Keep repair costs down; 2. Make certain repairs yourself; 3. Hire the right contractor. Register today for any one of our classes or workshops and start growing your home improvement skills.


$35 - Your Home's Exterior

Learn the fundamentals of what supports your house and how cracks in various locations can be a sign for concern.

Weather Stripping Workshop via Zoom

$45 - Weather Stripping Workshop

This workshop is an extension of the Your Home's Exterior Class.

Acquire The Skill To:

  • install weather stripping around exterior doors
  • install weather protection on the door threshold
  • install weather stripping around windows
Completed Kitchen

$35 - Your Home's Interior

Discover the types of materials that comprise the interior of your home and the importance of maintaining them.

Wall Repair Workshop

$45 - Wall/Ceiling Repair Workshop

This workshop is an extension of  Your Home's Interior Class.

Learn How To:

  • tape and spackle a wall with a tapered edge
  • tape and spackle a wall with a butt edge
  • repair small and large holes in walls
  • repair plaster walls and ceilings
Painting Workshop

$45 - Interior/Exterior Painting Workshop

This workshop is an extension of  Your Home's Interior Class.


  • how to prepare all surfaces prior to finishing
  • the importance of priming surfaces prior to finishing
  • the difference between water based and alkyd based paints/primers
  • to treat and cover mold/mildew
  • to select the correct brush or roller
  • to preserve paint brushes
household wiring diagram

$35 - Your Home's Electrical System

Learn how the electrical system in your house provides appropriate power to satisfy your electrical needs safely.

electrical workshop

$45 - Electrical Workshop (Outlet-Switch-Light) Installation

This workshop is an extension of Your Home's Electrical System Class.


  • how to wire a basic outlet (where the power enters the outlet)
  • how to connect wires to a light switch  
  • how to connect wires to a light  
  • about stripping wire
  • and understand the importance of different color wires
Boiler and Hot Water Heater

$35 - Your Home’s Heating and Hot Water Systems

Recognize the importance of understanding the mechanics behind your home’s heating and hot water systems to keep them functioning in an efficient manner.

A/C components

$35 - Your Home’s Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

No matter what system you have installed in your home, A/C and Ventilation Systems all require TLC. Learn how they work and how to maintain them so good performance and efficiency can be maintained.

irrigation system

$45 - Your Home’s Irrigation System Workshop

Develop The Skills and Knowledge To:

  • purchase a system
  • install a system
  • replace damaged sprinkler heads
  • adjust sprinkler heads
  • add heads to the existing system
  • install a Drip System
Plumbing, Sink, P-trap

$45 - Plumbing Repairs Workshop

This workshop is an extension of Your Home's Plumbing and Sanitary Waste Systems Class.

Learn how to:

  • join copper pipes (cut/clean/apply flux/solder) 
  • apply  Teflon tape to pipe threads to prevent leaks
  • cut and cement PVC pipes
  • cut and connect PEX tubing
  • repair leaky faucets
  • repair leaky valves
  • clean faucet screens
  • unclog sink drains (preventative measures will be discussed)
essential tools

$45 - Essential Tools Workshop

Essential Tools are any tools, keys, equipment, or any other material or equipment necessary to complete a project. 

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$35 - Q&A With The Home Inspector

Here is an opportunity for us to share our knowledge, expertise, and love of DIY with You.

You Must Have Million Questions, Lets Talk:

  • planning home projects
  • home repairs
  • determining the present condition of your home
  • purchasing a new home
  • selling your existing home