My Battle With Termite Damage Continues Chapter 5- “Removing the Damaged Floor Joist”

The Big Question:

All the mechanicals in the way!

How do you remove a 12′ long damaged floor joist, in the basement, that has: wires, gas pipes, heating pipes, hot and cold water pipes, in the way? The answer, ” VERY VERY CAREFULLY”

The Plan Of Removal

I decided to remove one 4′ section at a time. First, I drilled a 1″ hole at the top of the damaged floor joist and then, using my saber saw, crosscut the floor joist from the bottom up to the hole that I drilled. As soon as I completed the first cut, half of the damaged joist fell to the floor. No support what so ever!

first 4′ held in place by the nails after I crosscut the floor joist

And look what what came tumbling down!


Here is a side view of the remaining damaged floor joist.

Side view termite damage

The next big challenge, Nails, Nails, Nails!!!

I used my Fein cutoff tool with a carbide blade to remove 150 nails!

The next two 4′ sections, same procedure

Next 4′ section to be removed

Those Hungry Termites

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