Are Your Sprinkler System and Outside Spigots Ready for Winter?

Every year before the first freeze, you should perform the “blowout” ritual. Blowout is the process of removing water from your sprinkler system. A special air compressor is used to perform the evacuation of water in your system, it is suggested that a professional be hired to drain your system and perform the “blowout”.

Frozen sprinkler head
sprinkler winterization
Sprinkler system blowout
broken sprinkler pipe
Not properly winterizing your sprinkler system can lead to broken pipes.

Your underground pipes could crack by the expanding frozen water. Water must be removed!

How About Your Outside Spigots?

The water feeding your home’s outside spigots should have a shutoff valve inside of your home, ( basement, crawl space, etc). Those valves should be turned off and the outside spigot valves opened to let any remaining water drip out. If not:

Frozen outside spigot

Freeze Proof Faucet

If you do not have a shutoff valve for your outside spigots, you may want to consider a freeze proof faucet. Consult a professional to have these installed.

Freeze-proof faucet

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