Stay At Home Project #1 Update: We are In Trouble!

project started on 3/12

Ok, so I completed the wire rack shelving and got the lights installed.

3/15 seeds are planted

Seeds were planted, covered with plastic to keep in heat and moisture for my babies.

3/20 seedlings showed up

All right, they are starting to show me something, maybe they want to meet me?

3/26 seedling update

Yea man, looking good.

4/2 plant update

Ok, so I told Hope that in order to accommodate the new family, some changes have to be made in the back 40.

4/9 mulch and Sweet Peet delivered

20 yards of material that I am going to have to move to its new home. One wheel barrel at a time.

4/22 building up new garden area with Sweet Peet

Great new planting area. Will be in the Sun most of the day.

transplants in their new home

I was determined to keep the family together, so I decided to transplant everything. All transplants are happily in their new home, and doing well I might add.

planting area #1 completed
planting area #2 completed

Planting area #1 turned out to be 144 square feet. I had to move 2.6 cubic yards of Sweet Peet to build up the area, one wheel barrel at a time. We installed the drip irrigation system in both areas yesterday, in the rain!!! The guys who did it for me were terrific.

The Planting BOOM -We Are In Trouble-

4/27 we are out of control
4/27- 2nd planting area

We had to build another site for the plants, they are getting big and they need more space to do their thing. We had to buy 2 more LED plant lights. Oh well, we are in for the long haul.

I will not quit

Together We Can Do This

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