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what an honor to be teaching here

Just to let you know, Nassau Community College holds a special place in my life. It was a stepping stone for me, my kids, and many other students. It is a stepping stone for all who want to learn something new and to improve their lives.

Last February I received a call from Elizabeth Turner Hawley. Ms. Hawley is the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning at Nassau Community College. She heard about TLC and was interested to see if my Home Improvement Course would fit into Nassau’s Lifelong Learning Curriculum. OMG!!!

Well, we hit it off. Ms. Hawley and her staff are terrific. This past summer 7 classes and hands on workshops were presented every Monday night from my barn as a Zoom Meeting. If you guys recall, Hope and I ran 200′ of Cat 5E communication cable from the hub in my house to the barn. We installed a router in the barn and voila, the signal went sky high.

my studiothe barn

It’s kinda great how things come together, especially when it helps my students. During one of the PowerPoint classes, some of my students voiced concerns about a condition in their homes. Right then and there I asked them to take pictures and email them to me. After I received the pictures, I opened them up, shared my screen with everyone, and we had a great discussion about their concerns, and how to make the repairs. So, from then on, prior to the Monday night class, students sent me pictures and we all discussed them after the presentation.

The beauty of this whole thing is that I am now teaching from my shop. I am able to demonstrate how to make the repair and what tools to use. I couldn’t do this in the classroom setting, but I can from my barn!!!

This is now available to you. It is one more thing I can do to help you guys take control of your home improvement projects.

Here is the Link for the Fall Schedule (scroll down to page 26)

Here is the link to the Registration form.

One More Thing, Thank You Class

All this came about because of you. Because you guys attended my classes and workshops the past 7 years. Your questions, dedication and hard work made me a better teacher. For this, I thank you very much.