My Great Maine Adventure Chapter Two “Me and the Propane Tank”!

So, I kinda left you guys in the lurch, wondering what happened with the tree and its new friend, the 1000 gallon propane tank.

100 gallon propane tank

Here’s What Happened

I turned off the motor of my beloved 2004 Tundra, hightailed it a distance away from the tank and called the Greenville Police Department. They were terrific, contacting the oil company and the Greenville Fire Department. Remember, I am a long way from civilization. Within two hours, all the help arrived. The rep. from the oil company shut off the main valve and checked for propane leaks. Thank goodness, no leaks were found. The tank was declared safe and then a Super Duper fireman chainsawed the tree off the tank.

Greenville Fireman saving the day
We are good

So you ask, “Why is there a 1000 gallon propane tank on the property?”

Well, the propane is needed to power the generator (the home’s source of electricity), the stove, and the refrigerator. Remember, Lil’s house is located in the wilderness of Maine!

Another OMG

After a few hours I was able to drive up the the house, and this is the second thing that I found.

The rear steps leading into Lil’s house
Time to do an inspection of Lil’s property.

Time Frame and Future Plans

This adventure began in late June. I figured I would go up, fix a few things and call it a day. I had no idea that the condition of the house and the property were in shambles. I decided to perform a complete inspection. By doing so I was able to develop a detailed list of all the repairs that had to be made; some by me and some by subcontractors I had to hire. I also developed a material list and most of all, what tools I would have to shlep 500 miles from my home in RVC. I was going to need help! I spent the next 6 days doing my homework and left for home.

On My Way Home

Hope booked a room for me in New Hampshire. The next morning I arrived in New London Ct. at 6AM and boarded the first Cross Sound Ferry. I was almost home.

At the ferry depot in New London CT. bringing home my Sunfish, and a million things on my mind.
I love the Cross Sound Ferry.

I’ll Be Back-Ready to Work

To Be Continued………..