My Great Maine Adventure Chapter Seven: “A True Wilderness Experience”

A True Wilderness Experience

Our Uninvited Guest

Many of you asked, what it was like to live off the grid in the wilderness of Moosehead Lake. Well, not too bad. Challenges: If it was a cloudy day, and the solar panels were unable to charge the batteries, we started up the generator, (of course after 7:00am). The propane powered refrigerator took two days to cool down We took our baths in the lake, washed our clothes and dishes using lake water, but the lake water itself is not safe to drink. So what did we do?

Dowsing was not an option

A Day In Our Life

  • 5:30 AM, the Sun is up and so are we, time for a trip to the:
Start of the day
  • Caffeine is high on the list, or no work. (By the way, Pamela designated me to be the chef, and she would do the dishes, sometimes!)
  • 6:15 AM, we discussed the day’s projects
  • 6:30 AM, “Hit The Road, Jack”, the day’s works starts
  • 9:30 AM, break time, we need energy and encouragement
Break time
  • 12:30 PM, soup and chips

Our Daily Lives Revolved Around the Schedule Below

We made two to three trips a day based on the “dump” schedule
  • 4:00PM
Bath time
  • 6:30PM, Dinner
At your service Pamela
  • 8:00 PM, till we fell down

Hunting For Water

Buying bottled water for a three week adventure was a possibility. Our friend at the Lily Bay Transfer Station (dump) gave us directions to a public water well on Lily Bay Road, 15 miles from the house. Pamela and I loaded up the truck with a few five gallon jugs and went in search of the mystery water well.

OMG- As For The Drinking Water, This was It!

Pamela pumping water

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