My Battle With Termite Damage- Chapter 2 “Time To Get Ready”

Getting the space ready to remove & replace the damaged floor joist is a major challenge.

Workspace has to be organized. I developed a Project Planner. You can read more about how I plan my projects by clicking here.

I am working in a tight space, our basement. The basement includes a boiler, hot water system, refrigerator, freezer, clothes washing machine, a dryer, and lots of other items. Everything has to be organized, so I can remove and replace the floor joist safely.


Accumulated personal items have to be organized

A multitude of wires and pipes (water, heating and natural gas pipes) attached to the broken floor joist that must be removed or disconnected.


Work space is now ready for the next step.

Personal items shelved

Pipes and wires are disconnected from the broken floor joist

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