Help! My Hot Water Tank is Leaking

It was my late afternoon coffee break, I was sitting in my Tundra enjoying my pumpkin spice latte. As I was turning the key to start the truck, my cell phone started ringing. It was probably another call from the auto extended warranty company. No, not this time. The call was from one of my…

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Building a Greenhouse Shelter

Enclosed greenhouse

Unquestionably, in every class I express my love and determination to maintain what I have worked so hard to renovate and build. This thoughtfulness also includes all the living things that I am responsible for. From my Koi in my pond to my plantings, I am dedicated to their well being. I love to garden,…

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Repairs in accordance with building codes is a matter of safety!

warning sign image

In every class, I teach my students the importance of their localities building codes and how important it is that their home repairs are made in accordance with building codes, because it is a matter of their home’s safety. If they are not sure if a repair was made properly, want to plan future projects and advice on DIY projects, I always offer a Home Examination.

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