The DIY Challenge

Sara – Her Electrical Problem

Hi Brian! I took your class at the Lindenhurst library for electrical. Yesterday morning we woke up at like 8:30am and half the power was out in our kitchen. 4 outlets are effected. We tried flipping the switches and unplugging everything and trying that. Nothing worked. We tested the outlets while the breaker was on and no power to them. This is our panel. And one of the outlets effected. Things are not labeled properly so I had printed a picture and labeled them. We tested today with these tools. I’m going to attempt to change them. With what you taught us I feel like I can. I just wanted some words of encouragement. Thank you!

One of the many dead outlets
Tools needed for the repair
Sara’s electrical panel

Hi Brian! I did it! I replaced all four outlets last night! I really want to thank you for the knowledge you gave me. It was pretty upsetting to wake up to it. Took me a while to remember I could do it. They look great now. I may call another day to ask a question how to change the outlet to the ones that have the red and black buttons for around water source. Our ones by the kitchen sink don’t have them. That’s another problem. Thank you again!


Sara, I’m so proud. 


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