Gaining DIY Confidence- The TLC Way “Ms. M’s Story” Part One


I met Ms. M at the Freeport Memorial Library in March, 2018. She attended class #3, “Your Home’s Interior”. Ms. M has owned her house for a number of years. As you know, our homes do not get newer. There came a point in time when it seemed that every time she turned around, something broke.

Cost of Repairs & Quality of Work

The amount of the repairs that were being made, extreme costs of the repairs and poor quality of the work that was being done on her home was really upsetting her. Ms. M had no idea how to: keep repair costs down, make certain certain repairs herself, and how to hire the right contractor.


Ms. M was inspired to attend by our Logo

Ms. M was inspired by our logo and the class review she saw in the library newsletter. She decided to give it a try and attend a class. Little did she know what was to come!

TLC Confidence Level 1