Drip System VS Sprinkler! Want to save money and still have a great growing season, keep reading!

Our property measures 55’ X 175’, and believe it or not, I only have a very small area of grass (10’ X 20’), located in the front of our house.  The remainder of the gardening area are beds of annuals, perennials, a vegetable garden and a fish pond.

My objective was to have a maintenance free watering system.  So, we installed a Sprinkler Irrigation System, dividing the property into 6 watering zones. Very easy, all controlled by a time clock.

Overgrown Plants
very overgrown vegetation

For the first two years it worked great. As you can see from the picture, with good fertilization, mulching and some good luck, everything really grew.  I had to add more watering time to maintain the coverage.  This had its problems: cost of water was getting out of hand!

The Solution

We modified the Sprayer System to a Drip Irrigation System

The drip irrigation tubing has holes every 12 inches (depending on the system purchased).  So, instead of water being spread everywhere, water is now directed at the base of the plants, where the roots are.

Mulch on top of Drip Irrigation System

Add a little mulch and away you go. Mulch keeps the moisture in the soil.

Growth after Drip Irrigation System
the results

The results have been terrific, the growth has been phenomenal. The length of my watering time has been reduced, guess what happened to my water bill?

Plant Growth
Plant growth around and above the Drip Irrigation System.

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