Building a Greenhouse Shelter

Unquestionably, in every class I express my love and determination to maintain what I have worked so hard to renovate and build. This thoughtfulness also includes all the living things that I am responsible for. From my Koi in my pond to my plantings, I am dedicated to their well being.

I love to garden, therefore I have successfully propagated several of my summer’s outdoor Basil pants. I am glad to share with you they are doing well in my house. If the recipe calls for fresh basil, I got it. Basil, will not survive the winter, but Rosemary might. So, building a greenhouse shelter for the Rosemary plants became a DIY project that I had to undertake. Ok, another TLC Challenge!!!

My precious Rosemary plants

Time to Build A Greenhouse Shelter

Doing a little research, I came across this video on YouTube. It could be the perfect greenhouse shelter for my Rosemary plants. Its TLC time!!!.

Completed YouTube Greenhouse

Materials Required to Build the Greenhouse Shelter Frame “all schedule 40 PVC fittings”

Material Layout

Organized materials

It is always good to be organized before starting assembly. All the necessary parts were put into separate containers.

Base Layout

Laid out the base

The first step was to layout and assemble the base of the greenhouse shelter, kinda like the foundation of our homes.

Roof Frame

Roof frame assembly

Next step, assemble the roof frames. It had to be square and equally spaced so it would fit into the base T’s. To make sure the base width was correct and consistent, I clamped a piece of 1″x3″ to the work table.

Cutting The Roof Panels To Size

Cutting the roof panels using my trusty circular saw

Visqueen plastic wasn’t the way to go. I decided to use corrugated polycarbonate roof panels. I wanted sunlight to get in and snow and rain to roll off. I also left a 4″ opening in the top so the plants could get water through precipitation and to expel heat from the Sun.

Roof panels installed

Enclosing the Greenhouse Shelter

House wrap installed

This is not a permanent structure because I will remove it in the spring. The main idea is to divert Winter from directly hitting the plants, why not use house wrap? So, I did. I attached the wrap to the 3/4″ PVC pipes with cable wire ties.

Completed greenhouse shelter

Things to note:

  • I used three concrete blocks, sitting on the frame, to hold the greenhouse shelter in place.
  • We have weathered 3 storms, wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour and heavy rain.
  • So far, so good

We are absolutely ready for this!!